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Barefooting  "Water-skiing's Ultimate Challenge"

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DivisionNameBest SlalomBest TricksBest JumpOverall SlalomOverall TricksOverall JumpOverall
Boys 1Splinter, Patrick1,6170812,5531,3 0,0
Boys 1Jameson, Ryan2,03201000,01000,0 0,0
Boys 2Peria, Bill3,53001000,0909,1 0,0
Boys 2Jameson, Brandon2,8330811,61000,0 0,0
Entry MensZuleger, Chad3,42201000,01000,0 0,0
Girls 2Jameson, Allie   0,0
Girls 3Pladson, Leslie3,15201000,01000,0 0,0
Mens 1Nordquist, Andy4,39001000,01000,0 0,0
Mens 2Bohn, Doug6,8890839,5809,1 0,0
Mens 2Johnson, Zak7,11100876,51000,0 0,0
Mens 2Sherwood, Ron8,16500,01000,0590,91000,00,0
Mens 3Negus, Roderik11,511700,01000,01000,0-212,80,0
Mens 3Pladson, Mike9,1500791,3427,4 0,0
Mens 3Goar, Dave4,77807,1408,7666,7755,30,0
Mens 3Adams, Paul7,25500,0626,1470,1-212,80,0
Mens 3Stenson III, Rick13,810909,41000,0931,61000,00,0
Mens 3Dreyer, Terrance3,8420332,6359,0 0,0
Mens 4McKay, Maurice Sonny6,3310623,8250,0 0,0
Mens 4Oman, Paul9,18608,5901,0693,5904,30,0
Mens 4Regan, Tom7,51100742,6887,1 0,0
Mens 4Knapp, Joseph B10,112409,41000,01000,01000,00,0
Open MensErickson, Joe14,245021,11000,01000,0 0,0

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