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Skier's History For:
Don Simon
01-Aug-172017 US Barefoot Nationals77Super Vet Men2.94700.0
29-Jul-172017 Jim Boyette Southern Regionals77Super Vet Men2.24700.0
19-Nov-162016 Turkey Tumble76All Divisions3.33300.0
25-Jun-162016 Jim Boyette Southern Regionals76Mens 82.83500.0
23-Apr-162016 PGA Season Opener76Mens 92.23300.0
11-Aug-152015 US Barefoot Nationals75Mens 82.83200.0
24-Jul-152015 Eastern Regional Barefoot Championships75Mens 82.13100.0
26-Jul-142014 Jim Boyette Southern Regionals74Mens 83.03100.0
27-Jul-132013 Jim Boyette Southern Regionals73Mens 82.94500.0
08-Aug-122012 ABC National Championships72Mens 84.34500.0
29-Jul-122012 Southern Thank You RC72All Divisions2.44800.0
27-Jul-122012 Jim Boyette Southern Regionals72Mens 82.5225
10-Aug-112011 US National Barefoot Championship71Mens 84.05300.0
23-Jul-112011 Southern Regional Championship71Mens 64.42850.0
22-Jul-112011 Regional Warmup and Cool Down71Mens 84.35600.0
18-Jul-102010 Southern Regional Bonus70Mens 62.400.0
17-Jul-102010 Jim Boyette Southern Regionals70Mens 62.43350.0
26-Jul-082008 Southern Regionals68Mens 73.9310
14-Jun-082008 Hotlanta Barefoot Challenge68Mens 62.43000.0
13-Aug-072007 Lake Elmo Sports National Championships67Mens 75.05250.0
27-Jul-072007 Southern Regionals67Mens 74.15000.0
08-Aug-062006 USA Nationals66Mens 76.4295
29-Jul-062006 Southern Region Championships66Mens 74.9580
11-Aug-042004 Barefoot Nationals64Mens 67.2550
31-Jul-042004 04 SC Regional Championship64Mens 65.0450
22-May-042004 Hotlanta Barefoot Challenge64Intermediate5.8580
18-Oct-032003 Monster Mash 200363Great Pumpkins6.9470
13-Aug-032003 Barefoot Nationals63Mens 63.2500
19-Oct-022002 Monster Mash 200262Great Pumpkins7.1470
07-Sep-022002 Mad Dawg Fall Barefoot Bash62Mens 66.5470
14-Aug-022002 Barefoot Nationals62Mens 65.7490
20-Jul-022002 South Central Regionals62Mens 65.1520
08-Sep-012001 Mad Dag Fall Barefoot Bash61Mens 63.3490
15-Aug-012001 National Barefoot Championships61Mens 67.5530
21-Jul-012001 South Central Regionals61Mens 66.8540
21-Oct-002000 Monster Mash60Mens 56.1390
09-Sep-002000 Mad Dawg Barefoot Bash60Mens 65.0440
10-Aug-002000 National Championships60Mens 57.1410
15-Jul-002000 SouthCentral Regionals60Mens 54.7410
11-Sep-991999 Mad Dawg Fall Bash59Mens 56.3320
12-Aug-991999 Barefoot Nationals59Mens 57.4360
23-Jul-991999 Midwest Regional Championship59Mens 57.3390
27-Feb-9999' Mardi Gras Mambo59Dukes of Crosby5.0340
24-Oct-9898' Monster Mash 9858Mens 54.9350
12-Sep-9898' '98 Mad Dawg Fall Bash58Mens 54.5320
07-Feb-9898' Mardi Gras Barefoot Mambo58Mens 54.8170
14-Aug-9696 BAREFOOT NATIONALS56Mens 53.0390
02-Aug-9696' Midwest ABC Regional56Mens 54.8400
22-Jun-9696' Piqua Barefoot Open56Mens 55.9430
21-Jul-9595' MIDWEST REGIONAL BAREFOOT55Mens 44.4520
08-Jul-9595' Great Miami Barefoot Open55Mens 43.1450
24-Jun-9595' Cinci Skiers Barefoot Beaver Bash55Mens 44.4450
10-Jun-9595' Piqua Barefoot Open55Mens 44.0170
10-Sep-941994 Mad Dawg Fall Barefoot Bash54Mens 45.0380
18-Aug-941994 US Barefoot Nationals54Mens 45.2400
29-Jul-9494' Midwest Regional Barefoot54Mens 44.5520
18-Jun-9494' Cincy Skiers Barefoot Open54Mens 42.6380
11-Sep-931993 Mad Dawg Fall Barefoot Bash53Mens 43.0310
25-Aug-931993 Barefoot Nationals53Mens 43.0450
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