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2014 US BArefoot Nationals Performance Finals
Date: 15-Aug-14      Class: RC
Location: Blue Moo, Alma Canter - WI  ,   USA

The following Officials recieve credit  for participating in the event.
Tournament DirectorHeller, Cody1   
Chief JudgeHeeney, Brian1   
Asst. Chief JudgeHeller, Shannon1   
Asst. Chief JudgeMolepske, Michael1   
Judge-BoatBlake, Patrick 1  
Judge-BoatCarlson, Sharon 1  
Judge-BoatHeller, Shannon  22
Judge-BoatKnapp, Joseph B   2
Judge-BoatMolepske, Michael  2 
Judge-BoatSt. Onge, Lauren   2
Judge-BoatTauras, Jimmy  2 
Judge-ComputerHeller, Shannon 1  
Judge-ComputerMolepske, Michael 1  
DockStarterFatla, Elaine   2
DockStarterMyers, Casey  2 
Chief DriverFlint, Gary1   
Asst. Chief DriverForster, Jim1   
DriverFlint, Gary  2 
DriverJordan, Doug 1  
DriverSchoenke, Mike   2
DriverStokes, Paul 1  
Chief ScorerFormella, Andrea1   
Asst. Chief ScorerGilman, Betsy1   
Asst. Chief ScorerKanawyer, Jerry1   
ScorerBlake, Patrick   2
ScorerBohn, Doug  22
ScorerFormella, Andrea  1 
ScorerKanawyer, Jerry  22
ScorerMcCauley, Tina  22
Chief SafetyPortman, Charlene1   
SafetyMcCauley, Mark   2
HomologatorAdams, Paul1   
Chief VideographerMartin, Andrew1   
VideographerGerstein, Carla   2
VideographerGerstein, Jenna 1  
VideographerPowell, Tim 12 


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