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2001 Minnesota State Barefoot 2001
Date: 04-Aug-01      Class: C
Location: Island Lake, Shoreview - MN  ,   USA

Boat used: Barefoot Sanger
Model Year:
Credit For Tournament: ?
Comments About Boat:

Boat used: Flightcraft XL20
Model Year:
Credit For Tournament: ?
Comments About Boat:

Boat used: Open Boat
Model Year:
Credit For Tournament: ?
Comments About Boat:

The following Officials recieve credit  for participating in the event.
Tournament DirectorKnapp, Joseph B1   
Chief JudgeKnapp, Joseph B1   
Asst. Chief JudgeKoch, Derek1   
Asst. Chief JudgeNegus, Roderik1   
Judge-BoatBumgarner, Brian 111
Judge-BoatJohnson, Dawn  11
Judge-BoatKnapp, Joseph B  11
Judge-BoatKoch, Derek 111
Judge-BoatLaReau, Bob  11
Judge-BoatNegus, Roderik  11
Judge-BoatOman, Paul  11
Judge-BoatSherwood, Ron  11
TimerKnapp, Joseph B  11
TimerKoch, Derek  11
DockStarterOman, Paul  11
DockStarterPortugue, Mike  11
DockStarterSherwood, Ron  11
Chief DriverMulryan, Steve1   
Asst. Chief DriverSt Onge, Keith1   
DriverPortugue, Mike  11
DriverSt Onge, Keith   1
Chief ScorerKoch, Doug1   
Asst. Chief ScorerFloerke, Mandi1   
ScorerBjorklund, Tory1   
ScorerFloerke, Mandi1   
ScorerHafner, Travis1   
ScorerJohnson, Zak1   
ScorerKnapp, Joseph B1   
ScorerKoch, Doug1   
ScorerMcKay, Maurice Sonny1   
ScorerMulryan, Steve1   
ScorerPortugue, Mike1   
ScorerRegan, Tom1   
ScorerYoungdahl, Mark1   
RunnerFloerke, Mandi 1  
Chief SafetyPortugue, Mike1   
VideographerFloerke, Mandi  1 


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