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2007 Shakopee Open
Date: 16-Jun-07      Class: L
Location: Quarry Lake, Shakopee - MN  ,   USA

Boat used: Sanger Barefooter
Model Year:
Credit For Tournament: ?
Comments About Boat:

The following Officials recieve credit  for participating in the event.
Tournament DirectorGoar, Dave1   
Chief JudgeKnapp, Joseph B1   
Asst. Chief JudgeAdams, Paul1   
Asst. Chief JudgeGoar, Dave1   
Judge-BoatAdams, Paul   1
Judge-BoatBohn, Doug  1 
Judge-BoatKnapp, Joseph B  11
Judge-BoatKoch, Derek  22
Judge-BoatNegus, Roderik  11
Judge-BoatOman, Paul  11
Judge-BoatPeria, Bill  11
Judge-BoatStenson III, Rick  11
Judge-BoatTrue, Melissa 211
Judge-ComputerKoch, Derek 2  
Judge-ComputerKoch, Doug 2  
DockStarterBohn, Doug   1
DockStarterJameson, Allie   1
DockStarterJameson, Ryan  1 
DockStarterMelter, James  1 
DockStarterSchmidt, Timothy   1
DockStarterSherwood, Jody  1 
Chief DriverTrue, Tim1   
DriverJohnson, Zak  11
DriverPortugue, Mike 111
DriverTrue, Tim 111
Chief ScorerSherwood, Ron1   
Asst. Chief ScorerBohn, Doug1   
Asst. Chief ScorerStenson III, Rick1   
ScorerBohn, Doug  3 
ScorerHudoba, Gregory  11
ScorerJameson, Stephen  11
ScorerKoch, Doug  1 
ScorerNegus, Roderik  1 
ScorerSherwood, Ron  31
RegistrarJohnson, Zak1   
Chief SafetyAdams, Paul1   
SafetyBohn, Doug   1
SafetyGoar, Dave  11
SafetyHudoba, Gregory  1 
SafetyJohnson, Zak   1
SafetySchmidt, Timothy  1 
SwimmerHudoba, Gregory 1  
SwimmerMcCann, James 1  
HomologatorPatterson, John1   


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